Line Buster

Reducing lines and wait times at large ticketed events


User Research

UX/UI Design

Project Type:

Senior Capstone

Project with Paciolan


October 2019 -

March 2020


Ennis Machta, 

Omar Simjee,

Jackson Wickman,

Matt Leong


My senior design capstone project at UCI consisted of working with a company to help them build a real product over a six month period. My team partnered with Paciolan, a company that specializes in ticketing services and technology solutions for events like sports games and concerts. As the UX  Designer on my team, I was responsible for handling all design-related tasks for this project and advocating for the user.

What is Line Buster?

Line Buster is an iPad app that helps reduce lines and wait times at ticketed events - hence the name Line Buster. The app can be used by employees both inside and outside of the box office to sell and print tickets for customers. Think of it like a busy In-N-Out drive-thru where an employee can go up to your car to take your order. Line Buster follows the same concept except for dealing with customers in line at the box office for ticket events.


How might we create a quick and efficient way for operators to help reduce long lines at ticketed events?

Since the goal of this app is to shorten lines, we wanted the app to be as minimal and fast as possible. This meant discarding unnecessary features and focusing only the essentials.


We created an iPad app that focuses on speed. Users are able to quickly and seamlessly help customers buy and print tickets.

Search Events

The home screen provides operators with a list of nearby current and upcoming events to sell tickets for.

Find Tickets

Users are given a variety of search filters to find the best seats for each customer.


A simple and short checkout screen allows users to quickly complete payments and move on to the next customer.

Full case study coming soon.

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